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released April 4, 2019

Rully Roots Rochmat - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Patrick QQ Salomo - Bass/Vocals
John Meredith - Drums/Vocals

Additional Solos by Eet Sjahranie and Cipta Gun Mohammed
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by John Meredith at Mollusk Studio, NYC January 2019
Assisted by Patrick Salomo

Art by Yudo Baskoro @fivemiligrams art


all rights reserved



Suaka Queens, New York

SUAKA is a NYC based metal band with deep roots in Indonesian culture. Following massive riots at Metallica shows in 1993 metal music was all but banned in Indonesia. It was during this time that the founding members of SUAKA began to create music in the underground scene. By the early 00's these Heavy Metal refugees found themselves in NYC and formed the core of what would become SUAKA. ... more

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Track Name: Pemicu Kebencian
Pemicu Kebencian

Gempita derap suara langkah
Masa menuju medan perang
Suarakan nada amarah pertikaian
( They are marching into the war
Singing the songs of hate )

Padam kan amarah sebelum bertindak
( Think before you act -before it's too late )

Jangan terjebak jangan termakan
Omongan fitnah sang pecundang
( Don't believe the hype, don't buy their hoax news )

Cari kesempatan di dalam ke sempitan
Menekan di tekan Bebaskan bebaskan
Nyanyikan Lagu perstauan nyanyikan
( Looking for prey to kill - the people are being oppressed
set them free, set them free.
Let us sing freedom song )

Nyayian generasi suara persatuan
Siapa lagi yang kau bela siapa lagi yang kacu jatuhkan
Siapa ???


( The song of the new generation - the voice of unity
Whom do you defend ?
whom do you make scapegoat ? Who? )

Dalam benak selalu ku bertanya
sampai kapan hak asasi
selalu di langgar kau tak peduli
( Questions burning inside my head
How long will they violate human rights?
They don't seem to care )

sudahkan puas dengan uang dan tahta
( Are you satisfied ?
With the power and greed ? )

Kau bawa nama Tuhan
demi keuntungan
kau jatuhkan
pahlawan jujur pembela rakyat
( In the name of God they abuse their power
Twisted the truth - they brought down our heroes -
The defender of the people )

Kebenaran akan datang
keadilan akan menang
( The truth will be revealed
Justice will be served )

Jangan terpecah
Maju terus
( Unite
Moving forward )
Track Name: Anjing Kampung
Anjing Kampung

Watch your step!
A snarling lip reveals a deadly trap
Peringatan! - you come around this kampung - trouble follows you
Walk so soft
Bite your tongue
We roam in packs, we've got your scent
Your throat's the target

Wild dogs!
Malam hening, bulan purnama
Crying out!
Stay away, if you want to live

Anjing kampung!
Rasa takut!
Taring aku!

Through the gait, over the grave. We sense your fear
The night is still - the moon is full - the air is haunted
and distant cries fill your ears
Talk so tough
Bite your tongue
Preman hebat - don't think that you're immune

Wild dogs!
Air liur, mengawasimu
Crying out!
Collect yourself, and walk away

Anjing kampung!
Rasa takut!
Taring aku!

Retrace your steps
Angker! Angker!
If you want live - don’t make a sound
Track Name: Labyrinth of Society
Labyrinth of Society

It's the life that you are living, its the life you are leading on
Its not about what people think so just be yourself
Times are tough the pressure is high - the walls feels closing in
Clenched your fist
Open up and break through

Out of the dark out of the haze - we rise!
Don't bother - ignore what they say
Hold on tight to the live you are living
Give me a chance or I break break break

Feeling anxious inside society feels like no one care
Hope it's just in my head
Help me find the way out
I wish I could be there when you were down - down in out
I try to reach your hand

Don't bother ignore what they say
Hold on tight to the life you are living
We are not a trash - we may not be perfect
We deserve a second chance.

Push it away don't let them fool you around

Lies above lies
Out of this maze
Labyrinth of society
Do your best
Don't let them fool you
Take me away from this bullshit society
Track Name: Dark-Bright

One world. One sound
The sky above the earth around
One dark. One light
The fading sun into night
One truth. Two sides
We commune. We collide
All ways. One time
Without self. Within the mind

One voice, one sound.
A unison can shake the ground
To lift each other up
We will shake this greater beast’s rib cage
Erupting sound
And echo out with unbridled joy within
Which within one breast cannot be bound
-you know we see each other as
-facets of ourselves
Fowl words can stifle growth
Save judgement, serve respect
All is reflected within your soul
-and when we hear each other
-we can change ourselves

One love. One half.
The inner root. The outer self.
Two ways. One path.
The pulsing nerve. The pounding heart.
One blood. One breath
You Inhale. You Exhale
One in. One out
We come as one and shake the ground

One world. One mound.
The sky above will shake the ground
Waves lap the shore the earth is wet
Hard stone is rendered smooth
Vital change and fulfilled in motion
I recede come live again
-received in open arms
-the waves flow in again
Only two can create this spiral growth
Fractal and replication
Reciprocal fulfillment shown
-but only from one matrix
-can this marvel come

One world. One sound
The sky above the earth around
One dark. One light
The fading sun into night
One truth. Two sides
We commune. We collide
All ways. One time
Without self. Within the mind

I know. All we have is love
Track Name: Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams

Quietly in the mirror
Crash like you
Feel your self
What you are
Priceless I
Can't get it out out of my head
Nightmare becomes reality
Too much weight on your shoulder
Young child lost at the border
How can they ignore their cry?
How can they become so numb?

Show them the way - give back what they lost
Give us a roof from the falling rain
Too much money too burn
For unwanted luxury

Building the highest wall to keep us out from the dreams
Think they can touch the sky
Never enough money to burn
Ignoring basic human right
Living off the people suffering
Darkness blinding their eyes
Lost in the game your crime is exposed
We see the big pictures through the big lies

Don't let them thrash your dreams

Oohh time is running out
Oohhhh no where to run

Give us the strength to feel our pain
Embrace the life we carry on
Follow the sun the sky above
Let live let die the pain inside

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